Bill Culp: We started the firm in 1982 and we…at that point we decided we wanted to have a independent tax boutique that helped people save taxes and do business transactions.

Curtis Elliott: Nobody likes paying taxes, we’re all obligated to do it. We stand between the government and the taxpayer and insist that the taxpayer pay none more than their fair share.

Bill Culp: We’ve got 20 lawyers and most of them have a background in tax, so people come to us for complex tax matters. Something that’s above and beyond what somebody would normally encounter. It’s a interesting career to be. What I like about it is, you can provide simple solutions to complex problems that help people achieve their goals.

John Carpenter: You hire us, you can be assured that we’re going to look out for your interest, tell you what your choices are, what your options are and let you make the decision. We don’t make the decision for them, we try to help them make an informed decision to get the best result for them.