Our attorneys have extensive experience in both corporate transactions and tax planning. Taxes affect all types of business and corporate transactions. The skill our attorneys have in tailoring your transaction with a sound tax structure can greatly leverage the value of your business dealings. Whether your business needs an internal organizational structure for better tax results or asset protection, or is engaged in joint venture negotiations with third parties, our attorneys will bring a strong tax focus to bear in a way that will optimize your transaction and deliver the value that you deserve. We also have deep experience with sophisticated tax transactions such as Subchapter S reorganizations, mergers, consolidations partnership to LLC conversions and leveraged redemptions. We also help business owners develop, negotiate, and implement the following:

  • Shareholder control agreements, and
  • Buy-sell agreements and LLC operating agreements to clearly address what should happen in the event of certain events such as death, disability, termination of employment, management succession, divorce, and voluntary transfers.

Planning for the future with sound agreements is the best way for any business to survive for younger generations in the future, avoid unfortunate misunderstandings and litigation, and protect the value of your enterprise for the benefit of you and your family.