Our attorneys and tax consultants have extensive experience representing clients who are U.S. citizens as well as foreign clients that have U.S. business interests or personal assets in the United States. We assist clients with handling estate planning matters in connection with several foreign countries and all aspects of international and cross-border estate planning such as:

  • Estate planning for U.S. individuals with family members and assets in multiple countries
  • Advising, planning, and structuring foreign trusts and other entities
  • Permanent and temporary foreign residency taxation matters
  • U.S. estate and gift tax planning for U.S. citizens with non-citizen spouses
  • U.S. estate, gift and income taxation of non-resident aliens
  • Advising on U.S. information reporting requirements involving foreign accounts, assets, and interests
  • Pre-immigration and expatriate tax planning
  • Reporting obligations related to foreign trusts

Our attorneys understand the numerous issues that must be considered when establishing estate plans for individuals with international interests. We thoroughly plan and execute arrangements that meet our clients’ individual needs to ensure the most efficient and beneficial outcome for the client.