One of the most lasting impressions you can make is protecting this country’s natural assets, such as open landscapes, functioning ecosystems, and critical watersheds, forever, so that future generations will be able to share the same opportunities in enjoying these natural assets that you have now. We advise our clients through the entire process of donating a conservation easement, including the following:

  • Structuring your conservation easement donation to maximize the receipt of State and Federal tax deductions and tax credits
  • Finding a conservator for your conservation easement donation
  • Engaging in an appraiser to value your conservation easement donation
  • Reviewing and analyzing the appraisal to maximize value and ensure IRS compliance
  • Negotiating and drafting the conservation easement agreement
  • Ensuring compliance with the IRS’s numerous and complex rules and regulations
  • Defending any challenges by the IRS or state Department of Revenue regarding your conservation easement donation

Our attorneys are nationally recognized for their expertise in emerging conservation techniques and economic markets. We have assisted clients in the creation and maintenance of wetland mitigation banks and are leaders in the legal community on issues related to the taxation of wetland mitigation credits. We have also assisted with one of the first carbon credit projects in the Southeast. Our experience allows us to work with clients who are passionate about conservation and look to pursue profitable business opportunities in this area.

As your advisor, we will help you reach your goal of protecting the environment for future generations and receiving the full tax benefits and revenue from such activities.