At Culp Elliott & Carpenter, we’ve been privileged to serve as trusted advisors and fiduciaries for individuals and families, often for multiple generations of families. As trustees and executors, we strive to give you well-deserved peace of mind about your financials affairs. We approach every new relationship with the same commitment and dedication that has been the hallmark of our practice for more than 30 years.

Why Culp Elliott & Carpenter?

Our firm’s focus on the wealth management and tax needs of our clients, together with our unique, multi-disciplinary combination of tax advisory, estate planning, tax compliance, estate and trust administration services, gives us a clear advantage. At Culp Elliott & Carpenter, you will receive a seamless array of wealth management services through the lasting relationship with one individual who serves as both your attorney and your trustee and/or executor.

Our professionals offer a level of personal attention, sophisticated tax advice and seasoned service not often found at large institutions such as brokerage houses, trust companies and banks. We are well qualified to serve the particular needs of entrepreneurs because we are able to integrate personal and business issues for the benefit of the family.

Attorneys Make Effective Trustees

Acting as a trustee or an executor for a client’s family is a natural progression of a trusted attorney-client relationship. In most situations, our attorneys are intimately familiar with a client’s family, their business and their respective historical backgrounds and tax situations. The combination of this knowledge with the attorney’s specialized expertise of tax, estate planning, trust and probate makes our attorneys uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive fiduciary services.

As fiduciaries, we do not manage money. Rather, we use outside investment advisors for investment advice and portfolio management. We have the flexibility to work with a broad array of investment managers and the freedom to remove and replace managers if the need arises. Because we are not affiliated with any bank, trust company or brokerage house, we are able to provide truly independent advice.