Culp Elliott & Carpenter’s goal is to prevent disputes between beneficiaries and fiduciaries when designing and drafting our clients’ estate plans. When trust and estate controversies arise, however, our knowledge and expertise concerning the many complexities and intricacies of trust and estate law can provide substantial benefits in advancing claims of beneficiaries or defending challenges on behalf of fiduciaries.

We regularly advise and represent trustees, personal representatives, beneficiaries, and other lawyers in resolving disputes in all aspects of estate and trust litigation, including the following:

  • Negotiating settlements and traditional estate and trust litigation
  • Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods
  • Family dispute resolution agreements
  • Postmortem planning and trust reformation
  • Trust and estate accounting disputes
  • Will and codicil contests
  • Lack of capacity or undue influence claims
  • Removal of fiduciaries
  • Property right disputes
  • Valuation disputes
  • State and Federal tax disputes

In trust and estate controversies, creative solutions often are needed to avoid a protracted dispute. We utilize our deep understanding of estate, trust, and tax planning techniques to help facilitate agreements between parties. The experience and creativity that our attorneys bring to each client’s particular situation can promote a favorable result that enables the client to avoid the costs of otherwise lengthy and expensive litigation.